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The Jodie Emery Show – April 26, 2012

submitted by on April 27, 2012

Marc still is influencing cannabis activism as Jodie tells about his recent letter published in the The National Post, which he wrote in rebuttal to a column published last Friday in response to Jodie's OpEd printed last Thursday (see Jodie's OpEd here: ).

Marc also got his article "Origins of 4/20 as a day of celebration and protest" posted at The Huffington Post (see it here:… ) so be sure to find out how the 4/20 event began in Vancouver with Marc's own organization!

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Apparently the Mississippi Public Broadcasting radio station is reading aloud Marc's letters in newspapers, since they get news alerts about Yazoo City and Marc is getting in the news! The National Geographic "Inside Marijuana" show featuring Marc aired on TV, and so did "A NORML Life" with him and Jodie, so Marc was alerted by fellow inmates and guards that he was on TV again.

The Global Marijuana March is Saturday May 5th, 2012 around the world. Jodie will be in Toronto to join in the Toronto Global Marijuana March just as she has every year. She'll also be doing a speaking engagement at Vapor Central on Friday night, May 4th. Look for live streaming from the event, and see Cannabis Culture editor Jeremiah Vandermeer do his weekly Cannabis Culture News LIVE show, broadcast for the first time from Vapor Central! Go to for all the details.

The Pivot Legal society is hosting an evening of discussion with "Speaking Truth from Within Power: Passion, Politics, and Drug Policy in Canada" featuring Conservative Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, Liberal Senator (and former Mayor of Vancouver) Larry Campbell, Federal NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies, and BC NDP MLA Nicholas Simons. More info is at:

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