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People taking action for Marc Emery

submitted by on October 4, 2009
People around the world have launched rallies, protests, and occupations in support of the Free Marc Emery and marijuana legalization campaigns.
Video and Photos from the FREE MARC World Wide Rallies on September 18 – more to come! If you want your photos up on the site, email to
To give you an idea of rallies that have been held in the past, check out these videos of previous FREE MARC protests:
Here’s a collection of photos from these events:
People are also sending their ‘Letters to the Editor’ to local and national newspapers to educate others about Marc Emery and why he should be repatriated to Canada. View the letters/articles at the Media Awareness Project or view a collection of published letters here:
Marc Emery has inspired artistic tributes in both music and visual arts. Here are a collection of photos of Marc Emery and marijuana outdoor and indoor artwork, and list of songs inspired by Marc Emery:
Raise awareness about Marc Emery by wearing your Free Marc shirt and bringing Free Marc signs to other events you attend. View our ‘Show Your Support’ photo album here: (Free Marc shirts, buttons, and more available here)