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Opposition MPs To Hold Press Conference on Parliament Hill with Wife of Imprisoned Marijuana Activist Marc Emery

submitted by on October 24, 2013

marcemeryottawaCANNABIS CULTURE – New Democratic Party, Liberal and Green Party Members of Parliament will hold a joint press conference on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill with Jodie Emery, wife of imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery, to call on the Conservative government to approve Marc’s transfer home to serve the remainder of his prison sentence in Canada.

NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies, Liberal Public Safety Critic Wayne Easter and Green MP Elizabeth May will join with Jodie Emery on Tuesday, October 29 at 10:30AM (130 S Centre Block – Charles Lynch Room) to publicly ask the government for Marc Emery’s return to Canada.

Marc Emery, a Canadian businessman and activist, was extradited to the US in 2010 and imprisoned for a five-year sentence for selling millions of dollars worth of marijuana seeds and using all the profits to fund marijuana legalization activism.

Though the US government has approved Marc’s transfer to serve the remaining part of his sentence in Canada, Conservative Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has not yet signed the paperwork or spoken publicly about the issue.

“It’s been extremely difficult for me to have my husband imprisoned so far away,” Jodie Emery said. “I hope Minister Blaney will spare us further suffering by letting Marc serve the remainder of his sentence closer to me at home in Canada.”

Supporters are encouraged to rally outside Parliament at 10AM EST to peacefully demonstrate and show solidarity with the imprisoned activist.

Jodie is asking for Canadians to phone blitz the Public Safety Minister’s office by calling throughout the day on October 29 to represent the support of citizens across the country who aren’t able to make it to Ottawa.

The event will be broadcast LIVE online at Pot TV and Cannabis Culture so supporters and fans are welcome to watch the campaign unfolding live in real-time, and to phone the Public Safety Minister’s office during the press conference and Pot TV broadcast.

How Supporters Can Help Make This a Successful Event

During the press conference, Canadians are encouraged to call the Public Safety Minister’s office throughout the day, so they can represent the support of citizens across the country who aren’t able to make it to Ottawa. The phone blitz will hopefully keep the Minister’s office busy during the course of the press conference and into the afternoon. CLICK HERE for the contact information for Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, along with basic facts about Marc’s case – and please remember to always be polite!

Jodie is also presenting a formal letter signed by elected representatives asking for approval of Marc’s transfer home. CLICK HERE to download the letter to forward to any compassionate politicians who might sign it, and forward to Jodie by email (

Jodie plans on presenting petitions signed by Canadians who want Marc home. CLICK HERE to download the petition, collect as many signatures as possible, and forward to Jodie through email.

Supporters in Ottawa who want to peacefully demonstrate for Marc’s transfer home are encouraged to gather peacefully outside Parliament during the press conference, from 10AM to 11AM.