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The Jodie Emery Show – June 7, 2012

submitted by on June 9, 2012

With only 761 days left on Marc's U.S. prison sentence, Jodie heads to Mississippi to visit him before heading to speak at Idea City in Toronto next week. You can read Marc's most recent blog about his band's concerts, his prison transfer thoughts, and more at and, or click here:…

Before returning home from Mississippi, Jodie will be in Toronto following in Marc's footsteps as a speaker at media mogul Moses Znaimer's "Premier Meeting of the Minds" Idea City event, being held June 13-15 (Marc spoke in 2001 and 2003). For all the info about this prestigious event and to see Jodie's bio and more, visit

Jodie praises the hard work of East Coast USA activists in Rhode Island, who are close to having a 1-ounce decriminalization bill passed into law, and thanks Connecticut activists who have made that state the 17th official medical marijuana state in the country. Great work! See the stories about it online at

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