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Marc Emery wonders what’s happening with his mail

submitted by on August 3, 2010
By Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight

The Prince of Pot’s U.S. Federal Prison blog # 8 cites a "disturbing series of occurrences" with his mail.
In the blog, Marc Emery wrote that a number of items he has sent and that he should have received have gone missing.
He mentioned that he decorated an envelope in colour with hand-done calligraphy for a letter to his wife Jodie. Emery wrote that he sent it on July 14 so it would arrive in time for their fourth wedding anniversary on July 23.
"But alas, the letter never arrived, and I don’t know if you or I will ever know where it went," Emery noted.
He also stated that two photographs of him, which he paid for in jail, were sent three weeks ago, but did not make it to their destination.
"Additionally and curiously, numerous letters sent to me here have not arrived," Emery added. "A film script and lengthy letter from my Vancouver friend Mahara sent 25 days ago did not arrive here. Photographs sent to me by ExpressPost two weeks ago by CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer, of the July 1st celebration at the Art Gallery, did not arrive."
Emery stated in the blog that if items sent to him are refused by the SeaTac Federal Detention Center, he is supposed to be informed of this.
Emery, a Vancouver resident, agreed to plead guilty to one count of marijuana distribution and serve five years for selling marijuana seeds to U.S. customers in violation of U.S. law.
Meanwhile, several pot-smoking people marched in the Vancouver Pride parade on August 1 with a banner calling for Emery to be freed.
His wife Jodie, however, walked with a delegation from the B.C. Green party, including the leader, Jane Sterk.
One of the people in the "Free Marc Emery" group was handing out pieces of paper to the crowd urging them to join the NDP to help end the war on marijuana.
The leaflet cited Vancouver East NDP MP Libby Davies’s opposition to the "war on cannabis" as well as NDP Leader Jack Layton’s call for "better access to medicinal cannabis".
On June 8, Davies wrote a letter to Canadian foreign affairs minister Lawrence Cannon demanding that he take steps to protect Emery’s rights after U.S. authorities put Emery in solitary confinement.