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75 days until Marc is Eligible for Early Release.

Songs of Tribute to Marc Emery

submitted by on July 1, 2010
Here’s over a dozen songs of tribute and celebration written about Marc Emery. Take a listen!
The Undezireables: "The Ballad of Marc Emery"
Family Compact: "Set Marc Free"
Buffy Killer: "Political Prisoner"

Dylan McMullin: "Let Marc Emery Free"
WinstonSmith161: "Free Marc Emery 2010"
The Ground Luminosity: "Free Marc Emery"
Tall Brothers: "Prince of Pot"
Tim Biemann: "BC Bud Song"
John Wanless: "Mister Emery"
Stephen John: "Dark Hole"
A Name Unheard: "The Kin"
Dana Larsen: "In Canada, the Prince of Pot" (a pot poem)
Charlotte Thistle: "Dare to Resist"

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