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Free Marc Stencil, How To, and Tips

submitted by on July 29, 2010
Let Others Know about Marc Emery with the Free Marc Stencil!

Use the Free Marc stencils to let others know about Marc Emery! You can quickly and easily reach thousands of people simply by leaving a Free Marc stencil in a high traffic area in your town. We have already had reports of Free Marc images appearing across the United States, Canada, and around the world.
You can use the stencil and instructions below to join others around the world in raising awareness about Marc Emery!
How To Create a Reusable Free Marc Stencil:

1. Print out the Free Marc Stencil Designs:
2. To create an 8.5"x11" stencil, print on regular paper, then continue to follow step 4 on.
3. There are 2 ways to create a larger stencil:
        3a. Print the image at a print shop at the custom size you would like the stencil to be. OR
        3b. Print the image on transparency paper and rent a projector. Use the projector to project the image on the wall, adjust the image to the size you would like the stencil to be, then trace the image on paper.
4. Tape your printed image to either cardboard or flexible plastic.
5. Use an exacto knife (Be Careful!) to cut out the black lines/areas on the image for the smoking Marc profile image (or the white areas in the prison bars and fist image), going through the cardboard or plastic as well. This will be what is shown after the stencil is painted or chalked over.
6. Remove the paper, and start to let people know we need to Free Marc Emery with your new cardboard or plastic stencil!