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The “It’s Legal!” Jodie Emery Show – November 8, 2012

submitted by on November 9, 2012

MARIJUANA HAS BEEN LEGALIZED! Jodie has just returned from Washington state where she joined in the celebration of the passing of marijuana legalization I-502 as they, along with Colorado's Amendment 64, voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

The media is buzzing with news and Jodie has been non-stop busy with interviews, and shows all the press clippings since Sunday! Check out links to news stories and more at and

All of the organizers and volunteers in both states did a fabulous job of helping these initiatives to pass – they have shown the way for others to follow and have made our dreams come true! And there was even more good news with medical marijuana passing in Massachusetts, and more positive law reform in other states and cities. CONGRATULATIONS! You did it!!!

Marc is thrilled by the news – after financing marijuana activism in the USA for a decade with millions of dollars from selling millions of seeds to Americans in every state, the American people have carried out his mission to "Plant the Seeds of Freedom and Overgrow the Government"! Look for a new blog from him about the victories at

Read all about the legalization and election news at

Watch video reports about legalization from the mainstream media at  

The vote in the US has ingnited the legalization discussion here in BC, where Stop the Violence BC ( has been in the media calling for change, along with the Sensible BC campaign, headed by long-time activist Dana Larsen. The Sensible BC campaign will make cannabis the lowest police priority, and stop police from arresting people for possession in our province. It's a huge task, and we need your support! To find out more information and get involved, please visit



Get involved! Read Marc's article for aspiring activists:

Donate to any organization that works to reform marijuana laws, and volunteer some time for their campaigns:

Write Marc a letter about how YOU plan to keep spreading legalization to the rest of the world!

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