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The Jodie Emery Show – April 18, 2013

submitted by on May 1, 2013

It's almost April 20th – 4/20! We hope everyone has a safe and peaceful cannabis celebration and prohibition protest. With now only 446 days left on Marc's prison sentence, you can read about the origins of the April 20th rally in his blog at and – or click here:…

Check out for all of the info about Vancouver's huge event. You find pictures, videos band line-ups and much more. Watch the entire day broadcast live at on the day of the event at and

If you're not in Vancouver, go to to find out what's happening in or near your town or city across Canada.

Jodie tells us a bit about her quick one-day visit to Halifax, where she filmed a movie scene for the upcoming Trailer Park Boys 3 feature film – appearing as herself!

Jodie's very busy with her election campaign for the provincial election coming up on May 14th. You can visit her page at to find out more and show your support.

There's lots of media ahead with Jodie appearing on Global BC1 at 9:00am Friday, and then to CKNW for the Bill Good Show across BC at 11:00am, as well as doing more media with the Vancouver Observer and News 1130, getting her chance to spread our message about legalizing cannabis and our purpose for 420.

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