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The Jodie Emery Show – April 26, 2013

submitted by on May 16, 2013

We're a day late with the show, but much is happening in Jodie's busy life. She's got great new photos of Marc with his band mates in the studio to share and Marc's new blog is up at

420 here in Vancouver was a massive success with probably 30,000 supporters in attendance at the Art Gallery. We had a full line up of music, circus performers and speakers all day with a huge celbration at 4:20. Look for photos from Jeremiah at and videos coming at

Vice Magazine has finished their documentary about pot on the west coast and our Cannabis Culture is featured with Jodie, David Malmo-Levine and Dana Larsen all being interviewed. You can see that at

Jodie continues to be very busy with her election campaign. Last night she attended an all candidates debate and she tells us all about it. You can visit her page at: to find out more and show your support. Vote Green May 14!

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