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The Jodie Emery Show – April 4, 2013

submitted by on April 19, 2013

Marc's application to transfer back to Canada goes in to the United States Department of Justice in the coming days. You can show your support by writing a letter on his behalf. To get all the details, go to:

With 460 days left on his prison sentence, Marc is once again has a letter published in our local Province newspaper. This makes 14 of 14 letters he has had published since he has been imprisoned. Entitled "Call For Law Reforms", you can read the letter at:…

Jodie's campaign running for the BC Green Party in our upcoming election is gaining momentum. On Monday the 8th she will be given an official "potential MLA (Member of the Legislature)" tour of the only hospital in downtown Vancouver, St. Paul's Hospital, which is suffering without the funding they've been promised for so long. To find out more information about Jodie's campaign, go to – you can show support with a donation, from anywhere in the world! Help Jodie bring attention to ending prohibition as BC heads for the provincial election on May 14th.

April 20th – the annual 4/20 rally – is fast approaching, and we're looking forward to a huge turn out and a big protest here in Vancouver. Go to to find info about it all. The April 20th celebration smoke-out was started by employees of Marc long ago, and he wrote about it in his recent blog here:…

Look for Jodie to appear in a major motion picture! The new "Trailer Park Boys 3" film is currently being shot and Jodie has been invited to the movie set in Halifax to appear in a scene as herself. They'll fly her down next week for filming, then she's off to visit Marc again in Mississippi. (NOTE: There will be no show made on Thursday April 11th because of Jodie's travel schedule.)

Another winner is chosen to receive a FreeMarc t-shirts, stickers and a pin. Jodie won't be here next week because of her acting commitments, but you can still enter for the weekly draw by sending an email to: She'll chose two winners next time so make sure your name's in the BubbleBag.

If you want to plan a 4/20 event in Canada or find out more about what's planned in your area, go to for info about what's happening across Canada.

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