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The Jodie Emery Show – February 14, 2013

submitted by on February 25, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It was also Marc's 55th birthday yesterday (February 13). Unfortunately he had to spend it in prison, as he has 510 days left in his US federal sentence. You can write to him or send books and magazines; all of the details and rules can be found at

Bob Erb, long time marijuana activist and recent winner of a $25 million lottery has pledged $120,000 to the Sensible BC campaign to decriminalize marijuana in British Columbia, and has also offered to match donations up to $500,000 – so if you can donate, your money will be doubled! Sensible BC will require a 90 day blitz between September and November to sign up 10% of registered voters in each riding. It's a massive task that will require a lot of help, but it is possible and will make a huge difference for Canada! Please go to to sign up, donate, and volunteer.

There's lots happening in the United States, carrying on the momentum of Washington and Colorado, with Rhode Island and Vermont intoducing legalization bills and North Carolina introducing a medicinal marijuana bill. Stay tuned with world-wide cannabis news at and

Here in Canada the fight continues against proposed changes to our Health Canada Medicinal Marijuana program. Demonstrations and actions are planned through two campaigns:

"Fight The MMPR" is spearheaded by Victoria, BC activist and "Hempology 101" instructor and author Ted Smith, who is co-ordinating protests, letter writing and a phone jam. Visit to join in!

"MMAR Coaltion Against Repeal", organized by medical activist Jason Wilcox, is helping coordinate another effort with the help of prominent BC lawyer (and friend to the Cannabis Culture) John Conroy – a class action lawsuit on behalf of patients with the MMAR Coaltion Against Repeal. For more details about that, go to

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