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Jodie Emery update on Marc Emery, September 27th 2010

submitted by on September 29, 2010
The wife of Marc Emery, Jodie, brings us up to date on how Marc is doing in US federal prison, and what lies ahead for him. He will be moved to a new prison at some point in the near future: Taft FCI, in California. Read Jodie’s latest blog for more information. (Correction from the video: Marc Emery Legal Fundraiser Moneybomb is Saturday October 16th, not the 19th.)
Marc was ordered extradited from Canada on May 10th, was formally removed from Canada and taken to SeaTac FDC in Seattle on May 20th, and was sentenced to 5 years in prison on September 10th. Information about the sentencing is found at and

Marc’s Canadian transfer application to return to Canada to serve his sentence is now with the Public Safety Minister of Canada, and we need help to get him to say YES! Marc will soon be sent to Taft FCI in California to serve his sentence, and will apply to the US government for transfer to Canada. We need people’s help to get them to say YES too! We also need to fundraise $8,500 to hire the US transfer specialist lawyer, so please join our fundraising moneybomb on Saturday, October 16th!

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