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-1751 days until Marc is Eligible for Early Release.


submitted by on August 21, 2010
Marc Emery will be sentenced by a US Judge on September 10, 2010.

On Saturday, September 18, there will be worldwide rallies and protests in support of Marc Emery’s immediate return to Canada.

On this day, one or two people can create a lot of awareness:  just by holding up a banner or sign at a busy intersection, 2 people can tell thousands that Marc Emery should be freed.

Saturday, September 18, hold a sign/banner over a bridge overpass, high foot traffic pedestrian intersections, or by a busy highway, anywhere lots of people and cars go by.
This is an effective way to reach large numbers of people and maximize our impact! We also gain efficiency when we use simple slogans that are easy to read, remember, and will redirect people to the site. See our suggested slogans below. Remember, repetition works, so don’t be afraid to have lots of ‘Free Marc Emery’ signs!
Take some photos, indicate where you are and put it on facebook, tagging ‘Marc Scott Emery’ or send it to so she can put it up at
One person can make a difference! We have some suggestions for making sure you are as effective as possible in letting people know we must free Marc Emery, have a look:
  Tips for Maximizing Group Distribution:
  • If you have 10 people, put 5 pairs of people into 5 good locations, not all together in one spot. Two people can raise as much awareness as 10 or 20, so spread out throughout the community.
  • Two to four people per intersection (one on each corner) is a suggested maximum. (This kind of support maximizes the message and the individual’s ability to get it out.)
  Suggested Locations:
  • Near the entrance of baseball or football stadiums
  • A University campus Student union building
  • A busy intersection or bridge overpass of a highway
  • A US Congressman’s or Canadian MP’s local constituency office


  Sign and Banner Suggestions:

  • Signs can easily be made on large pieces of cardboard or bed sheets.
  • The best for a large sign is King size bed sheet banners from a local thrift store. This is ideal for hanging from bridges and overpasses.
Here’s some suggested slogans for banners and signs. Try to get the website onto your banner if possible.
  • Google Marc Emery – Political Prisoner
  • Return Prince of Pot Marc Emery to Canada from US prison
How to Invite Others, and List your Event on the World Wide Rally Page:

You can put your event online and invite others in your area by going to to create the event, and to invite others within 40km to your event! Don’t forget to invite your friends from facebook, email and your other networks once the event is set up.
If you have any problems, please contact Nicole ( or Jacob ( Free Marc Emery!